Jobs With Professional Independent Baseball Teams

If you have always loved professional baseball, then it is possible for you to become involved with the industry in one way or another. One avenue to pursue is employment with a team or league in the independent baseball league section of the pro baseball industry. Independent baseball leagues and teams are not affiliated with any specific Major League Baseball organization, and their ultimate goal is to become a profitable enterprise. Front office and league personnel have more flexibility in hiring people to help them reach that aim.

The question then becomes, “In what other way can I work in the professional baseball industry without being a player, manager, coach, or owner?” Here are several starting points, each with a short description to help you better understand what is available to you:

  • League-level: It is possible for you to work with an independent baseball league at the league office level. Skills here include media relations, strategic planning, marketing, attracting major sponsors for league-wide exposure, and other similar duties.
  • Entry-level (team): Many independent baseball teams need help with game-day operations, ticket sales, community relations, and many other tasks to entice local organizations and individuals to spend money with the team. You will need interpersonal, computer, phone, and event-planning skills. In addition, the hours may be long and some physical effort will be required, especially if you work on game-day operations.
  • Specialty skills: You can join an independent baseball team with a number of specialty skills. These could include online radio broadcasting, public address announcing, statistician, dealing with local and regional sports media, promotions development and implementation, online marketing, grounds keeping, stadium management, concessions skills, and merchandise/inventory management. Even higher-level specialty skills include stadium design, graphic design for logos and sponsorship obligations, game scheduling, and raising capital for teams.
  • Management (team): You will need to be able to manage employees, interns, and have a good ability to deal with other executives, team owners, and the league executives. You also will be working long hours overseeing items dealing with concessions, merchandise, stadium operations, stadium construction/renovation, speaking at the local service organizations, dealing with player contracts, and many other tasks. You should have the ability to run a small/medium business, including accounting/payroll understanding, budgeting, networking, and many other senior-level tasks.

With over 50 independent baseball teams scheduled to play in 2010, there are several opportunities to join this industry. Remember that your love for the game has to be tempered with the understanding that the team owner, league president, and general manager all want to turn a profit while maintaining a high standard of excellence in the local market. If you are willing to do what you can to offer professional quality while focusing on making a profit and obtaining new fans then you have the first step needed to find a job in independent professional minor league baseball. 중계

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