How to Build a Custom Wardrobe Closet

Unlock the full potential of your closet with a custom wardrobe closet tailored to your unique space. It will save you time and money by maximizing the storage in your home, as well as add value to your property. This DIY project is a perfect way to express your creativity as you upgrade the storage in one of the most frequently used rooms in your house.

The closet is a room where we have more shoes than storage or a plethora of sweaters that take up more hangers than they deserve. It is where the delicate pieces of jewelry are hidden behind snagged t-shirts or where the next season’s flats and sandals are left in a tote on the floor. In many cases, these items are damaged by the way they’re stored and a customized closet can make all the difference in preserving your clothing, shoes and accessories.

Innovative Closet Design
The first step in designing a wardrobe is to assess your wardrobe needs. You may need plenty of hanging space for shirts and long dresses or you may prefer to fold your clothes on the shelves. You should also consider if you have any specific storage needs such as shoes, bags or ties and belts. It’s important to think about the future as well, will your clothing collection grow or shrink in the near future? You will also want to consider how the wardrobe fits in with your existing home style. The best closets are not only functional but they blend seamlessly into the existing decor with crown molding and beautiful glass doors. custom wardrobe closet

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