Dometic Parts and Accessories

Dometic products help people who live, work and play on the water or in the great outdoors. Millions of professionals worldwide count on Dometic parts and accessories in applications such as hospitality, mobile delivery, healthcare, automotive and marine.

In the operative complaint, Plaintiffs allege that Dometic has designed, manufactured, assembled, sold, and placed into the stream of commerce millions of dangerously defective gas absorption refrigerator models with a common structural flaw that, over time, causes them to leak pressurized gas, which poses a risk of fire and explosion. The alleged flaw also imposes a significant risk of carbon monoxide poisoning on RV owners, because of the flammable nature of the propane in Dometic refrigerators.

As to Young, he purchased his RV already equipped with a Dometic refrigerator. He alleges that this refrigerator caused a fire that destroyed his RV and damaged his personal and real property. Under Texas law, therefore, he has standing to recover damages for the destruction of his RV and the loss of his personal and real property.

Dometic argues that, based on Young’s testimony, it did not have actual knowledge of the defect in his refrigerator until his purchase in 2009. But this argument is unavailing. It is a red herring, and the Court declines to address it sua sponte. rv fridge fan

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