Finding a Physical Therapist Near Me

With most Americans working well into their 60s, it’s important to have a job that provides good work-life balance and career stability. While physical therapists will spend time at their desk doing charts or consulting with patients on the phone or computer, the majority of their day is spent on their feet. This physically demanding job involves a mix of manual therapy, exercises and stretches to help people overcome pain and improve their strength and mobility. In addition to physical therapy, many PTs also perform acupuncture, massage and other holistic therapies to promote healing.

Theradynamics in NYC
Theradynamics is a Brooklyn-based physical therapy provider that offers personalized treatment to help patients heal from sports injuries and other orthopedic conditions. Its physical therapists are trained to work with all types of injuries and can offer one-on-one sessions in a spacious studio. The center works with most insurance providers and is a member of the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network.

Evolve PT in Manhattan
This clinic is known for its exceptional staff and high-quality treatments. Its therapists are all licensed and have extensive training, including Graston Technique and Mulligan Concepts. Located on the Upper East Side, this clinic is ideal for anyone seeking a compassionate and dedicated team of practitioners. Their patients often comment on their kindness and patience, as well as the fact that they constantly provide positive reinforcement. They also explain their treatment plans and set realistic expectations about prognosis and healing times.physical therapist near me

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