Women’s Sandals Describe Your Characteristics

Every woman is wearing different sandals. Some prefer the ones that are closed, some prefer open sandals with high heels. While others prefer the no-heel sandals that are comfortable, more than what it will be modern. 

Did you know that your sandals are describing your characteristics? Describing the woman, you are in the workplace and at home? You might look at someone’s sandals and think that she might be really tired on her feet. Or, that she doesn’t really care about fashion. Here is some interesting information about women’s sandals that are describing the person that is wearing the sandals. 

Women and their sandals

Women and their sandals. Different women prefer different sandals. Some prefer to wear modern, fashionable sandals no matter how uncomfortable they might be. Some prefer comfort over fashion. 

There are much more behind choosing your shoes than just what you like. It describes you as a person. What you are doing in life and how much you are on your feet a day. 

The professional woman in the office

The professional women in the office that is sitting behind the desk all the time. She is wearing the highest heels possible. With toes that might be sticking out, to show off her toes and pedicure. 

They are really into fashion and don’t really care about how comfortable these shoes are or aren’t. They are sitting at a desk all day, and don’t have tired feet at night. They will also have a pair of shoes for every work outfit. Making sure that they don’t wear the same shoes every day.

The woman that is the boss at work

The woman that is the boss or supervisor at work. She will wear formal sandals that are making a statement without being too bold. She will take comfort into consideration because she needs to walk a lot between her office and the personnel’s offices. 

Normally, her shoes will be closed sandals with medium heels. Just enough heel to say that “I have the power”. Normally, it will be black, navy or white shoes. 

The housewife and mother

The housewife and mother. They are normally wearing flat sandals. Not really care about fashion, but take comfort really seriously. This is because they are on their feet throughout the day, cleaning the home and running after toddlers. Even, when they are going to the shops, they will try to wear low-heeled shoes as possible.

But, this doesn’t mean that their shoes will look boring. It will still fit their outfits, but it will say that they are busy and trying to keep up with their busy children. 

Why sandals can say a lot about a woman

Different women have different needs. Some need to be comfortable and flat-heeled to be able to take care of their children. While the supervisor needs to make sure that everyone understands that she has authority. Then, the women at the office know that she can wear fashionable, uncomfortable shoes because she doesn’t need to walk all the time. It is quite interesting to see what sandals different women are wearing and to guess what position they have at work.

Women and their sandals. It really describes their characteristics. And, what they are doing on a daily basis. But, this doesn’t mean that you should judge a person just because of the shoes that she is wearing. Sometimes she doesn’t have another choice in the type of sandal she is wearing. Who can really take care of a baby or toddler in really high heels? If you can, you are most certainly a superwoman. best sandals for women

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