How to Write a Great Teaser

A Teaser is an article that grabs the attention of readers and encourages them to click through for more. These short snippets are most commonly found on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, but can also be used in blog posts and even as headlines for newsletters and email subject lines. The key is to create a teaser that is compelling, but not misleading. Otherwise, readers will just move on to another article that doesn’t seem to promise anything interesting.

It is essential to use correct grammar in a teaser. For example, avoid using the past simple or the past perfect tense, as this will downgrade the content you are offering (e.g. “summer began” rather than “summer had begun”). Instead, focus on the present: “A new study shows that the sun’s rays are damaging your skin.”

A great teaser should also appeal to the reader’s emotions. Whether or not they decide to read your full ebook will be largely based on how they feel about it. The best way to do this is to tell a story. This could be about how you grew your business from nothing, or about how your main character is struggling to live with their disability.

Finally, make sure your teaser contains enough context to keep the audience interested, but no more than that. Audiences will only sit for a lack of context so long before they get antsy and want something to actually happen.

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