Rural Marketing Agencies in India

While most of India’s consumers live in urban areas, the country’s rural market is a huge opportunity for marketers. And with the right strategy, they can build strong brand loyalty and expand their reach to millions of potential customers.

But a successful rural marketing campaign requires a lot of research and planning. And not many agencies have the expertise to deliver this. However, some companies like Fateh Rural have made a name for themselves by curating innovative campaigns that resonate with rural consumers. Their unique approach and ethical advertising have earned them the trust of several brands.

Moreover, they offer services like organizing farmer-dealer meetings to ensure that both parties understand the product and its benefits. They also have multi-lingual call centers to provide support to their clients. Ascent Group India is another company that has built a reputation for offering expert marketing strategies to help brands establish a presence in rural markets.

Other companies are embracing innovation in rural marketing. For example, Hindustan Lever’s Project Shakti and eChoupal are initiatives that are helping them connect with farmers. Idea Cellular is also using mobile vans that were once used for advertising to provide customer service in villages. These vans have photocopy machines, a camera, and representatives to assist villagers with documentation verification. This is helping the company discover novel customer segments, such as turmeric farmers in Tiruchengode and apple growers in Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, this initiative is helping it build its own distribution network. rural marketing agencies in india

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