Dissolvable Quran Ruqyah Paper

The dissolvable quran ruqyah paper is a special sheet that can be used to make Ruqyah water yourself by adding the 45 Ayats against Black Magic into the water. The ayats are printed on one double-sided A4 sheet which can be dissolved into 60-80 litres of water ready for drinking, sprinkling in the home and bathing etc. This is sufficient for a 21-Day treatment programme.

There is a well-known sunnah in which some of the prophet’s companions (may Allah be pleased with them) would write verses from the Quran on a plate, paper or other object, wash it and give it to people for them to drink in order to cure them of various illnesses. The scholars differ in opinion with some of them considering it an innovation in religion while others, such as Ibn al-‘Arabi and some of the righteous predecessors, hold that it is permissible if the conditions are met, including using pure ink and writing the verses on a clean surface.

It is also advisable to use a soft-bristled toothbrush as the ayats are more effective when recited from this type of instrument, and it allows for greater control over the recitation in order to target the specific area of the patient’s body where the jinns are located. Moreover, it is essential to have conviction and faith in the actions of Allah and to feel the words of the Quran being read over the body so that the effects are stronger and quicker.

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