How to Choose the Best Lengthening Mascara

A few quick swipes of mascara can make your eyelashes appear longer, but not all formulas are created equal. Achieving long, fluttery lashes requires more than just a coat of mascara, so it’s important to choose a lengthening option that’s packed with beneficial ingredients like nourishing oils and lash-boosting peptides.

A good lengthening mascara also has a brush that can separate your lashes while coating them evenly to prevent flaking and clumping. For this, look for a wand with small bristles that are spaced closer together than what you’d find on an volumizing mascara. The wand on this clean mascara from ITEM Beauty by Addison Rae Lash Snack Clean Lengthening Mascara, for example, is incredibly micro-sized, making it one of the best options for precision.

Another important factor is the amount of formula. Some lengthening mascaras have a thicker texture, while others are lighter and more water-based. The more moisture a formula has, the easier it is to apply without it smudging or flaking. Lastly, it’s essential to choose a mascara that’s formulated with safe ingredients for your eyes. You’ll want to avoid any ingredient that could irritate your lashes, such as carmine, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates and sulfates.

The best lengthening mascaras have a unique, innovative formula that makes them stand out from the rest. Some of the products on this list use a mix of ingredients that work together to deliver enviable lashes, such as castor oil and hydrolyzed silk. Others have tiny fibers that latch onto your natural lashes to extend them and make them look more lengthened than they would otherwise be.

There are also plenty of nourishing ingredients in this formula, including jojoba oil, shea butter and peptides, which help to strengthen your lashes and keep them hydrated. Another great feature is that it’s completely waterproof, so you can wear it for an extended period of time without worrying about it smudging or flaking.

This mascara from New York City makeup artist Laura Geller has an impressively wide range of abilities. It can volumize, elongate and curl your lashes all at once, and it’s infused with conditioning peptides to give them an extra boost of strength. The wand is shaped slightly like an hourglass and is also super precise, meaning it can reach all of your lashes even in the corners of your eyes.

This cult favorite is packed with vitamin B5 and jojoba oil, which both nourish your lashes. It’s also a tubing mascara, which means the product actually wraps each lash in a thin film to lengthen and thicken them.

If you’re looking to add length to your lashes, then the best mascaras for length are the ones that have a bit of a light formula. They won’t clump or smudge, and they’ll provide the most dramatic look possible. For the most effective results, make sure to apply each coat as quickly as you can before the mascara dries out. Then, if necessary, apply an additional coat before it dries out again.

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