What Is a Swaging Machine?

Swaging machine is a type of metal forming equipment used to reduce the diameter of rod or tube. This machine uses a rapid succession of hammer strikes to form the metal. It is a chipless metal forming method that produces quality results and requires minimal labor costs.

The swaging process can be performed with either a mandrel or without one, depending on the desired end result. When a mandrel is used, the diameter of the workpiece rod or tube can be controlled more accurately and precisely, as well as any internal shapes that may be required.

A swaging machine can also be used to create flanged or flared ends on a piece of rod or tubing. This is known as flaring, and it can also help to improve the strength of the end of a rod or tube by adding more surface area to it. These types of rods or tubes are often used to form components for recreational ropes course cables and sailing rigging equipment. They are also commonly utilized in the automotive industry to form the ends of emergency brake cables and steering components. In addition, they can be found in furniture legs made from metal tubing.

The basic swaging machine is comprised of a chuck that supports the rod or tube centered within a group of two or more shaped swaging dies. As the machine revolves, hammers are pushed against the stock and against the shaped dies to form it into the desired shape. The swaging machine may be operated by hand or with the use of a hydraulic swager that automatically hammers the stock to complete the swaging operation.

This method of swaging is ideal for production applications as it is easy to operate and does not require the presence of a skilled operator. Additionally, swaging produces less waste material than other forming methods such as cold forming or bending. The use of lubricants during the swaging process will ensure better work surface finish and longer die life.

FENN manufactures a wide range of swaging machines and parts for various industrial uses. Each swager is designed to produce high-quality results with minimum labor requirements, and many are fully automated. We offer a variety of additional swager components and options, including sound enclosures, coolant/slushing systems and feeders to accommodate our client’s unique manufacturing needs.

We also have a full line of replacement wear parts for all our swaging machines, including swage dies, hammers and more. These wear parts are typically replaced when they become worn, damaged or broken to guarantee accurate swaging. These parts are crafted in house at our East Berlin, CT facility and are available for immediate shipment. Contact our swaging application specialists or parts department for further information on swager wear parts or to request a quote. We look forward to serving you!

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