Useful preparation for Vietnam travel during Tet

Tet Nguyen Dan (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) is the most important and biggest holiday in Vietnam. For Vietnamese people, it is not just the time for family reunion, for relaxing after a hard working years and for exciting activities and festivals. Tet holidayis also a favorable time for foreign tourists to have an amazing travel in Vietnam to explore a new land, new culture and immerse themselves in traditional customs of local people. If traveling Vietnam during Tet holiday, tourists should pay attention to have a good preparation for the journey such as airfares, hotel room, tours, transportation….. Follows are some useful tips for a perfect Vietnam tour during Tet holiday without troubles. Baggage for the trip In the New Year travel, baggage should be brought enough, neatly and carefully checked. Such personal documents as passports, identity card, and birth of certificate for children must be accompanied during the trip. In addition, a small box of first aid is indispensable in the list of preparation. Necessary items are prioritized than others to reduce the weight of baggage. Preparation of good health before your trip is also noteworthy for having a real and interesting experience. Do not carry too much cash with you; you can bring ATM or Credit card in stead when traveling. In some cases, if you have to bring cash, you should keep money carefully. Studying or preparing information about the destination (traditional customs, weather…) is necessary to avoid cultural shocks and have proper preparation. Also, it is necessary to bring along some kinds of medicine such as anti-vomiting, abdominal pain medication, headache medication… Transportation It is noted that during Tet holiday, airfare and train fare are often sold out quickly. Therefore, if having private Vietnam tour packages, tourists should book in advance as early as possible. If traveling by plane, you should have a unique tag on baggage to easily receive baggage after getting off the flight, which helps to save your time. To explore the beautiful country, you can travel by motorbikes (in private tours) or by means of transportation provided by travel agents. 하노이 에코걸

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