The Hill Condos in Brooklyn’s Beacon Hill Neighborhood

The Hill Condos is an outstanding community of residential properties with varying sizes and prices to choose from. The community is positioned within close proximity to excellent restaurants, retail outlets and engaging destinations. The homes in the area typically feature tall ceilings and hardwood floors and are surrounded by a plethora of trees. Residents also enjoy easy access to public transportation.

A luxury home in the prestigious Beacon Hill neighborhood is an experience like no other, with slender streets illuminated by gas lamps and 19th-century colonial Boston features meeting up with the finest amenities modern life has to offer. With its top-notch facilities, high-end finishes and stunning views, Beacon Hill is the place to be for anyone seeking a luxurious lifestyle in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

Nine years after the 149-year-old Church of the Redeemer closed its doors in Boerum Hill, its former home on Fourth Avenue is nearly ready to be occupied again. Designed by ODA New York and developed by Adam America Real Estate, the low-slung 30-unit condominium called Five Six One Pacific will be mostly brick, a design that pays tribute to the historic brownstone townhouses on surrounding blocks and that should appease apartment hunters worried that Brooklyn is becoming too glassy. The building’s windows aren’t the trendy curtain-wall variety, either, and are sized more modestly, in keeping with the traditional spirit of the area.

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