The Best Hair Dryers

The best hair dryers blast hot, cold, or a combination of air temperatures over hair to remove moisture and shape strands. They can also help prevent heat damage or boost shine. For the most effective results, choose a dryer that is specifically designed for your hair type. For fine or flat hair, look for one with a low heat setting to avoid damaging fragile strands. For wavy and curly hair, find a model that uses ionic technology to smooth frizz and enhance definition. And for thick or long hair, opt for a dryer with high heat settings and an effective concentrator nozzle.

For those with dyed or heat-damaged hair, look for a dryer that reduces static and offers a gentler drying experience. The CHI Lava Dryer, for example, is made with volcanic and ceramic stone to provide effective heat with less damage. The dryer also features a cool down setting to let your hair cool down slowly and protect it from heat damage.

And for those with super curly or kinky hair, the gh Beauty Lab recommends trying this curl-loving dryer from celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh. The mint-green pro tool has a cult following among celebrities (think Gisele Bundchen and Karlie Kloss) and works efficiently on all types of tresses with its 12 heat levels and speeds, ionic technology, and powerful airflow. Plus, it’s relatively lightweight at just over a pound and quieter than other models we’ve tested. best hairdryers

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