Tax Advisor Madrid

Providing tax advice madrid is an important service to companies, individuals and professionals. It is also important to keep in mind that the laws and regulations governing this area are constantly changing. That is why it is necessary to have continuous follow-up in order to guarantee that the customer can adapt to the new legal provisions and optimize all possible benefits.

Our office specialises mainly in tax advice to German-speaking Clients regarding their Spanish investments and business activities. The members of our team have a wealth of experience acquired both in advisory firms and in the Spanish tax authorities. We provide personal, reliable and well-founded advice by experts who deal exclusively with taxation matters.

The company has extensive experience in the fields of corporate, indirect and personal taxation, including the application of the Special Tax Consolidation System. The firm specializes in advising and assisting multinationals, SMEs and private clients with the tax implications of their transactions and operations. The services offered include:

Tax advisory on mergers and acquisitions, contributions in kind, splits, dissolutions and liquidations, transfers of companies and reorganizations. Preparation and filing of the annual corporate income tax return together with a detailed report. Advising and preparing, where applicable, other tax returns such as: VAT, withholding taxes, capital taxes, stamp duties and local taxes. Preparation or review of and filing of writs, petitions, applications or communications before the Tax Authorities such as VAT refund requests, claims for back taxes, APAs and requests to use special tax regimes or plans.

US expats living in Madrid need to file both federal and Spanish taxes. Expats who have foreign financial assets (not including tangible physical property like property or cars) that are worth more than $10,000 in total at any time during the year must report them on Form 720. Expats who pay more in Spanish tax than they owe to the IRS can claim the Foreign Tax Credit on their federal return, which reduces or eliminates any US tax liability. tax advisor madrid

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