Take Advantage of Slumps

Many of us are experiencing slower sales than we would like
in this time of obvious tension in the world. It happens
when you are competing with wars, terrorism, falling
markets, and other world events.

Competing is a misnomer. You cannot compete with these
kinds of things unless you have a site dedicated to
something along the lines of what people are giving most of
their attention to during times like this.

I bet people with anti-terrorism pages, pro or con war
sites, and myriad other topics related to our current state
of affairs are about the only ones noticing a steep INCLINE
in traffic right now.

So, how do we turn this seemingly helpless situation into
something positive?

Well, the war is going to end someday. The market is going
to soar. Buyer confidence is going to swing back.
Are you going to be ready for it?

Think about all those things you had on your plate when
sales were higher and customer service demands were
preventing you from getting back-burner projects done.

Now is the perfect time to clean your slate of to-dos: Get
that report written, update your autoresponder messages,
create that killer, sales-boosting freebie you have had on
your list to do. Do inventory, reply to emails you have
been putting off (what a RELIEF to clean your inbox!), pay
your bills, organize your taxes and business receipts, back
up your computer, get rid of the junk you’ve collected
online that you are not going to use, ever.

There are tons of things we all put away for a rainy “day”
such as this. Before you know it, if you procrastinate too
much or spend too much time worrying about your current
sales slump, the recovery is going to be going full-force
and you will be back to your “Too busy for the little
things” life again!

Has something been bothering you about your sales letter?
Take this time to fix it up or have someone take a look and
make recommendations.

Have you been eager to set up a couple different bonuses
and re-order and test different sales letters? What a
pain! But now you have the time to get your split-test set
up for when the buyers come marching back to your site and
the tire-kickers go back to wherever they usually surf.

How about the $12,000 worth of marketing materials you own
that are taking up gigs on your hard drive? Might be a
good time to get away from the monitor, print some of the
best stuff out, and study with a real highlighter and paper
for a change.

You have NO IDEA how much you missed in the last ebook you
bought! If you are like most people – you skimmed for the
best stuff and missed a whole heap of things you might just
be able to put into action in time for the pendulum of
sales to swing back your way.

The point is, when you get into a slump you need to take
the time to take stock of your assets that you can pull out
and turn the slump into an advantage.

I bet if you get out of your daily routine tomorrow and
start looking around your hard drive at all the unfinished
business, ebooks, reports, articles (How many articles can
you write before the war is over? Make it a challenge!).
You will find yourself happily getting caught up and ready
for the wave of sales that will happen when the current
turmoil is over. register a company

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