Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets have a minimal look and feel that’s easy to clean and stylishly efficient. There’s a lot of room to get creative, however, especially in terms of color and hardware. Dark wood tones are common, but you can also use a variety of shades and hues from the color spectrum that are suited to modern kitchen design.

Sleek cabinet hardware that’s streamlined to the surface it attaches to is another common feature of modern kitchen cabinets. You can add a more decorative touch with a stainless steel handle, but be sure to match the hardware with your other kitchen fixtures and accessories.

White kitchen cabinets are often the go-to choice for modern kitchens, but you can also opt for a neutral light gray or off-white shade that’s both functional and beautiful. If you choose to go with a lighter color, consider using a wood grain pattern on the doors for a natural and timeless style that doesn’t feel sterile or too modern.

If you want to skip upper cabinets altogether, you can still enjoy plenty of storage space by choosing a tall shelving solution. This enables you to highlight the ceiling height and create an open feeling in your kitchen. It’s important to ensure that your shelves are well-lit to prevent cluttered, hard-to-reach corners and to make it easier to find kitchen essentials.

Slab veneer cabinet doors are another popular option for modern kitchens, with their simple recessed front panels and utilitarian aesthetic. You can even add a contemporary feel to this design by using a slab door that’s finished with a glossy veneer, which reflects light and brightens your space.

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