LG Shine Titanium Review – Sophistication That Shines

LG’s Black Label Series, including both the Chocolate and the Shine mobile lines, has once again introduced an eye-catching mobile handset with the latest features and a trendy, head-turning design that makes it just as popular as its predecessors. The LG Shine Titanium Black has transformed the popular LG Shine into a more refined, sophisticated handset by changing the still glossy casing to a subtle and sleek metallic black finish.

The smooth titanium black colour gives the LG Shine an even classier appearance and is thankfully not as prone to fingerprints. While the reflective display screen that fills most of the LG Shine Titanium’s face is quite stylish, it is rather difficult to see in sunlight and can sometimes be troublesome under bright lights indoors. Although there are minor flaws, this mobile trendsetter features a compact and durable design that fits comfortably in your pocket and withstands everyday wear without damage.

Typical to Black Label Series phones, the LG Shine Titanium Black is a handset designed with fashion and style in mind rather than functionality. The chic slide design opens to reveal a trendy flat keypad that looks great but can pose difficulties for larger fingers. As with most slide phones, the bottom row of keys are hindered by the top section of the phone.

While attracting attention with its sparkling design may be the LG Shine Titanium’s primary goal, it is not lacking in features. The 2 megapixel camera features a Schneider Kreuznach lens and can be used almost as easily as a dedicated digital camera. Auto focus and an LED flash allow the phone to capture high quality photos in most lighting conditions, though night time photos may not be as clear, and there are a number of other settings that make the camera functions more versatile. The Shine Titanium can also capture high resolution videos and includes a digital zoom feature.

The MP3 is a basic music player that supports all common file formats. Audio quality sounds great through the loud speaker and even better through the included stereo headphones. You can also listen through your own headphones or wirelessly with a Bluetooth headset. The LG Shine Titanium’s internal memory is rather limited at only 50 MB, but the microSD slot can accept memory cards up to 2 GB for unlimited storage capabilities. Transferring your favourite tunes from your computer to your handset is much simply with the Shine Titanium’s drag and drop features.

The LG Shine Titanium Black also features a document viewer, video player, and speakerphone, as well as the standard mobile productivity applications, like a stopwatch and calendar. The handset includes a fun selection of Java games and boasts EDGE connectivity for fast downloads of new games. The Shine Titanium supports email as well as other types of messaging, but many users find texting cumbersome because of the flat keys, limited text storage, and additional buttons required to send the message.

Like the original LG Shine, the Shine Titanium Black is definitely not without fault. From the fingerprint-smudged display screen to the limited feature capabilities, there are plenty of downfalls to this phone. The outstanding style and trendy appeal of the LG Shine Titanium, however, makes it easy for fashionable mobile users to overlook the flaws. If you’re looking for a phone that is easy to use and includes the latest technology in features and options, the LG Shine may not be for you. If you’re looking for a phone that looks spectacular and still has the basic features, this sophisticated, glossy handset is ideal. Outdoor LED Display

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