Italian Leather Manufacturers Private Label

Get a quote for manufacturing your own collection of high-end, Made in Italy, leather handbags. Contact tens of highly qualified Italian manufacturers, brands and artisans that offer a white label or private label service. With low reasonable minimums and top quality standards. Choose from an endless variety of styles, materials and finishing options to match your brand and business. Shoulder bags, purses, clutches, tote bags and backpacks.

In a district of drab industrial buildings in Scandicci, outside Florence, luxury giants from Prada to Burberry are snapping up workshops and expanding their own factories to churn out Made in Italy leather-goods for shoppers in cities from New York to Beijing. The artisans working here produce designer bags, wallets and shoes using calf, exotic skins (crocodile, lizard, python), high-quality fabrics and other fashionable materials.

A new generation of designers and buyers is discovering the craftsmanship here, drawn by a desire for quality that’s increasingly difficult to find elsewhere. In the past, a single worker would make a bag from start to finish. Today, the process is slower but more precise.

For companies that need a large number of bags in short time, this type of production can save money and speed up the launch of a new line. The ItalianModa B2B marketplace is a powerful tool for international wholesale buyers looking to connect with an extensive range of reliable Italian fashion manufacturers, brands and artisans offering a white label or private label service for handmade “made in Italy” fashion products, including a wide variety of bags. Register today to enjoy all the benefits of our platform, for free. italian leather manufacturers private label

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