How to Replace a Norcold Replacement Cooling Unit

The cooling unit is the heart of a gas absorption refrigerator, and one of the most expensive parts to replace. It’s also one of the most important, as a malfunctioning cooling unit will cause the boiler to overheat and potentially rupture.

The problem is usually evident by the smell of ammonia when the refrigerator is running, or a yellow residue behind the freezer. A gurgling sound when the heat is applied may indicate a faulty cooling unit as well.

Before you start, shut off 120VAC power to the fridge and disconnect 12VDC at the battery bank. This will prevent any unwanted voltage leaks while working on the unit.

Next, locate the rear mounting screws and remove them. They can be accessed from the vent opening on the side of the refrigerator. Be sure to mark where they go so you can reinstall them later.

Once the rear mounting screws are removed, the new cooling unit can be inserted into place. It is recommended to apply some blue Loctite threadlocker to the screws before reinstalling them.

If you are replacing an old cooling unit, it is best to transfer the flue baffle and wind baffle to the new one. These items can be purchased from a Dometic or Norcold service center.

It is recommended that you run the new cooling unit for about a week before turning it on. This will give the new cooling unit a chance to mix the gases and get ready for normal operation. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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