How to Make Paper Quilling Jewelry

This delicate art form uses strips of paper that are rolled and shaped to create decorative designs. These shapes are often glued together to create a finished piece of work. The art of paper quilling has a long history; the practice was popular among genteel women in Europe in Edwardian and Victorian times. Creating paper coils and shapes was considered an appropriate pastime for women, along with needlework. Special recesses were even made in tea caddies, baskets and portraits to provide space for quilling and other paper crafts.

The basic materials for paper quilling are a good quality craft glue (Elmer’s Clear School Glue works well) and specially-designed paper. Quilling paper is available in a variety of colors and dimensions. It can be purchased at hobby stores or from online suppliers. Specialty paper for quilling includes graduated and two-tone papers, which have a concrete color on one side and a comparatively lighter color on the other side.

A simple quilling tool, which is slotted, makes rolling the coils much easier. A sponge is also a quiller’s best friend, as it holds the empty glue bottle upside down while keeping the tip moist and preventing it from drying out or clogging.

The first step is to roll a strip of paper into a coil. The simplest coil is a simple round, but it can be formed into any shape desired. For the earrings, I used a combination of teardrop and domed tight coils. To make a perfect coil, the strip should be rolled with the crease facing down. This can be difficult for beginners, but it will eventually become a natural habit. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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