How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

In the era of YouTube where more than 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute, attracting subscribers isn’t an easy feat. But the more subscribers you have, the more views your videos get, which can lead to ad revenue. Knowing who your viewers are, what kind of videos they like, and how they found your channel can help you create content that they’ll want to watch.

If you’re a YouTube user, you can see a list of your subscriber number by clicking the “Subscriptions” link on the website or in the app, then selecting a channel. The “Subscriptions” page shows a row of icons for your channels, and a vertical feed of recent posts from all of the subscriptions you’ve added. If a channel has posted new videos, a blue dot appears on their icon. You can also manage your subscriptions by clicking the “Manage” button and selecting a channel to unsubscribe from.

Some YouTubers go as far as buying fake bot subscribers to appear more popular. But these accounts are easily spotted by YouTube, which regularly sweeps and weeds out spammy or bot accounts. The only real way to grow your subscribers is through creating a compelling about section, encouraging people to watch your videos on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and by linking to your channel from social media. youtube subscribers

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