How an Employment Lawyer Can Help

About Employment Lawyer
An employment lawyer helps both workers and employers comply with labor laws. They also help resolve disputes and litigation involving employment-related matters. For example, an employment lawyer can help resolve a dispute over whether a worker is properly classified as an independent contractor or exempt employee. Misclassification can cost a business thousands in unpaid overtime and penalties. It is crucial for both employees and businesses to have a knowledgeable employment attorney on hand to prevent misunderstandings and disputes.

Another way an employment lawyer can help is by assisting with legal processes that fall short of a lawsuit. This could include an employee’s request for an administrative hearing with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or a state agency. It can also involve an employee’s appeal of a denial of unemployment benefits. It’s a good idea to run any significant employment decision by an attorney to ensure it’s in compliance with state and federal laws.

A New York-based law firm, Urba Law, PLLC represents clients in workplace disputes. The founder, Jonas Urba, has extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in employment discrimination cases. He represents workers in claims of sex, age, and disability discrimination, among other issues. His practice also includes representing companies in wage and hour class actions, as well as advising companies on policies to prevent employment disputes. He is a certified mediator. Other lawyers at the firm have substantial experience guiding clients through labor arbitrations and collective bargaining negotiations. Employment Lawyer

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