Green Lawn Care That Is Chemical Free

Trying to stay true to the principles of organic and natural living is not as easy as you think it should be. In our culture we have become acclimated to certain conditions that have only been achieved through the use of chemicals. From doing the laundry, to washing cars and tending our yards, we have invented a chemical for nearly every task. If you want to live more green and be in harmony with the environment with your lawn care, you will need to give it some planning and forethought. 

One bit of thinking we may need to change is our perception of what makes a weed. Many of the “pests” that we are being sold chemicals for are actually our native plants and rather beautiful in their own right. An example of this is the dandelion that has a pretty yellow flower during one stage of its growth and wispy and delicate heads during its seed stage. We have all enjoyed blowing the seeds to the wind and watching the “parachutes” gracefully float away. 

Notwithstanding your newfound definition of a weed, you may still want to discourage some types of plant life in your lawn. Here are some ways to do that in as natural a way as possible. First, give the desirable grasses as much support and nutrition as possible. You can find organic fertilizer recipes and get on a schedule of feeding your lawn the nutrients it needs to make it as strong as possible. 

Grass is naturally an aggressive, thriving plant. Do your part to keep it healthy and it will make no room for the weeds. Keep your yard on a regular mowing plan so that the plants are at a good height for the grass only. This way your grass will receive more of the soil, water and sunlight than the weeds. Grass loves to be mowed, whereas weeds are damaged by it. The act of mowing keeps the yard looking good in more ways than one. 

Here is one other method for weed control that has been all but forgotten. We are so inclined these days to gravitate to the solutions that take no time and no effort. This forgotten method I am talking about can become an activity for quality family time together. It can get you out into the fresh air and give you great exercise. This method is simply going out into your yard and pulling the weeds by hand or with digging tools. EU Weed Store

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