Fenben For Cancer – How Patients Acquire and Evaluate Information About the Drug

While research has shown that the drug fenben can treat parasites in animals, no peer-reviewed studies have verified that it cures cancer in humans. But this does not mean the drug is useless. It is a safe medication that many people can use without worrying about side effects. And it may help reduce the time and cost needed to develop new drugs.

Fenben is an anthelmintic that kills parasites in livestock and other animals by disrupting microtubule formation. It also has anti-tumor effects. A study published in 2022 showed that fenben caused apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in 5-FU-sensitive colorectal cancer cells. Additionally, it interfered with glucose uptake by blocking the expression of GLUT transporters and hexokinase. The authors of this study concluded that fenben could be an effective alternative treatment for CRC patients.

A number of individuals have claimed that a dog deworming medicine called fenben cures their cancer in various online forums. Posts claim that fenben’s active ingredient, metronidazole, has anticancer properties. While anthelmintics are not approved by Health Canada for the treatment of cancer, they are being widely used as an alternative treatment. The drug’s mechanism of action has not been fully understood but it is thought that fenben interferes with the cell’s mitochondrial metabolism and causes the accumulation of oxidative stress.

The aim of this article was to examine the way that cancer patients acquire and evaluate information about fenben for cancer. To do so, we conducted focus group interviews with 21 lung cancer patients. Interviews focused on the acquisition channel and the source of general cancer information, as well as the quality and perception of fenben for cancer. The majority of the participants acquired information about fenben for cancer from TV and acquaintances or family members.

Most of the participants’ first encounter with fenbendazole for cancer was through TV, while a few encountered it through online communities or portal sites. The majority of the participants actively searched for more information and cross-checked it through other channels, such as YouTube. However, the information they obtained was fragmented and had low credibility. Moreover, most of the participants had a negative attitude toward complementary and alternative medicines and perceived that they should be verified by experts. The findings of this study indicate that fenbendazole might be useful as an alternative treatment for CRC and should be considered in combination with other chemotherapy agents. Additionally, it can be useful for enhancing the efficacy of chemotherapy. Nevertheless, further investigations are needed to confirm these findings. Moreover, the underlying mechanisms of fenbendazole for cancer should be fully understood to identify additional therapeutic targets. This could lead to the development of novel chemotherapeutic strategies. fenben for cancer

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