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We are a premiere distributor of Square D electrical products for Clearwater / Largo electrical panels, breakers, disconnects, and more. We only sell the highest quality electrical products and work with reputable brands that we know will last and perform well.

Your breaker panel is the place where the electricity that comes into your home is distributed to all of your lights, receptacles, and appliances. It is a very important piece of equipment. The breaker panel also contains circuit breakers to manage the flow of power. If the amount of electricity flowing through the wiring becomes too much, the breaker trips and stops the flow, protecting the system from a fire.

The breaker box is also the central hub for all of your wiring in the house, and it typically contains multiple breakers, as well as fuse boxes to protect against power surges. A breaker panel is a more efficient alternative to older fuses that were more prone to overheating and burning out.

Many homes in Tampa are built with older breaker panels that are not designed to handle the current demands of modern electronics, and we regularly replace faulty breaker boxes for our clients. If your breaker panel is not up to par, we encourage you to consider solar. Depending on the type of solar system you choose, it is possible to eliminate your electric bill entirely and even receive credit from your utility company when you send more energy back to them than you use. Electrical Panel Clearwater

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