Divorce Lawyers

A family law attorney handles legal matters that affect families, such as divorce, child custody and visitation rights, alimony, property division, and foster care review. A qualified lawyer can also handle domestic violence and orders of protection cases. In addition, he or she may offer services like mediation for couples who wish to resolve disputes outside of court.

A lawyer who specializes in this field of law typically needs to have a bachelor’s degree and attend law school. Then, he or she must pass the bar exam. The law school curriculum includes classes such as family law, criminal law and civil procedure. In some schools, students can opt to specialize in family law.

Those who want to be divorce lawyers may choose to take additional training courses to gain the skills necessary for this practice area. Some lawyers also pursue certification from organizations such as the American Board of Family Law Specialists.

Vangorodska Law Firm offers personalized legal assistance to clients dealing with family law-related issues in New York City. Its group of lawyers addresses issues like domestic abuse, custody and visitation rights, child support, and property division cases. The firm helps individuals file uncontested and contested divorce cases in the state’s family court and Supreme Court, Matrimonial Part.

Cammarata & De Meyer P.C. handles cases involving divorce, separation, child support and custody in New York City. Its team of attorneys, including Suzanne M. De Meyer and Joseph Cammarata, has the experience and certifications to manage divorce cases. אמיר בר לב

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