Careers in Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting internet-connected devices, systems, and data from cyber attacks. Its importance is growing, as society becomes more technologically reliant, from everyday conveniences like near-instant access to information on the internet to more personal concerns such as the sensitivity of data stored in cloud storage services and smart home automation technology.

While the motivations of hackers vary–from thrill-seekers and vandals to organized crime groups and state-sponsored attackers–all attackers must be protected against by a robust cyber security strategy that encompasses the pillars of prevention, detection, response, recovery, and training. To achieve this, companies must invest in a wide range of tools and technologies that are constantly evolving to keep pace with new threats.

Protects Productivity – Cybersecurity helps to prevent viruses and malware from slowing down employees’ computers, which can severely hamper productivity. It also helps to ensure that confidential information stays secure, and that the organization’s systems are up and running at all times.

Improves Reliability – Without cyber security, it can be very difficult for businesses to maintain the reliability of their infrastructure. If a company’s system is down due to malware or hacking, it can have a negative impact on customer service and sales, which can be very costly. Cybersecurity reduces the risk of such occurrences by safeguarding the network against various types of attacks, such as denial-of-service, ransomware, and man-in-the-middle (MitM).

Careers in cyber security require a unique combination of hard and soft skills. While technical expertise is critical, every cybersecurity professional needs to have strong communication and collaboration skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, networking, and teamwork. In addition, curiosity and a willingness to learn are essential for keeping up with ever-evolving technologies and tactics used by cybercriminals. Managed Detection and Response

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