5 Ways to Increase YouTube Views

Views might seem like a very artificial section of youtube analytics, but it’s crucial to growing and monetizing a successful video channel. Getting a lot of views can help you gain more subscribers, have more people share your videos, and make more money from ads placed on your YouTube channel.

In order for a video to have a view, it has to be watched for 30 seconds or more. This is important because only real viewers can watch a full video on youtube, so if someone merely skims through a video, it won’t count as a view.

While it can be tempting to try and increase youtube views through spam tactics, if you do so, you’ll get caught and punished by youtube’s algorithm. This is why it’s very important to avoid spamming, and instead use these 5 tactics that will actually help you increase youtube views.

Do replays count as views on youtube?
Yes, YouTube counts a replay as a view if it’s played for at least 30 seconds. It’s worth noting, however, that replays don’t count as unique views; only a single view will be recorded for a replay.

Refreshing a video’s watch page won’t count as a view, but it will count as a watch if you play your own videos. It’s also not possible to refresh a video more than 3 times. This is because YouTube tries to prevent users from inflating their view counts artificially, as well as making sure that the views they are receiving are valid.

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